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StormStorm Barry to hit millions with flooding in the USA.Read
2019-06-23Toys 'R' Us to reopen in the USA.Read
2019-05-23A sixth Child has died in the hands of US Border Control.Read
2019-05-21Abortion ban Protests across the USA.Read
2019-05-09Denver throws more Druggies on the scrapheap by legalising magic Mushrooms.Read
2019-05-07STEM School Highlands Ranch Shooting near Denver, USA kills one Student.Read
2019-05-02John Kapoor, Insys Theraputics founder, convicted in Opioid Crisis case in USA.Read
2019-04-10Large criminal Gangs, based in India, scamming Elderly Americans.Read
2019-03-25Donald Trump announces his complete exoneration in colluding with Russia probe.Read
2019-03-14USA agrees to build six Nuclear power plants in India.Read
2019-03-12USA withdraws diplomatic staff as Venezuela crisis deepens.Read
2019-03-12USA demands design changes on Boeing 737 Max aircraft after two crashes.Read
2019-03-11Opioid Crisis : Schools prepare for Overdoses.Read
2019-03-08Paul Manafort, Ex-Trump campaign chief jailed for 48 months for tax and bank Fraud.Read
2019-03-08Idiot News : Police officer in Colorado detain black man for picking up rubbish outside his house.Read
2019-03-06UK and USA bombs cause nearly 1,000 civilian casualties in Yemen.Read
2019-02-12Drugs Dealer El Chapo, aka Joaquin Guzmán, found guilty at federal Court in the USA.Read
2019-02-12Students around the world say what they think of Shootings in Schools in the USA.Read
2019-02-04Super Bowl 53 the New England Patriots beat the Los Angeles Rams 13-3 for a record 6th win.Read
2019-02-04Pentagon deploys 20,000 Troops to the Border with Mexico.Read
2019-01-31Idiot News : White House press secretary Sarah Saunders says "God wanted Donald Trump to be President".Read
2019-01-29USA wants to sell it's lower quality products to the UK after Brexit by changing our safety standards in Beef and NHS Drugs.Read
2019-01-29Most Americans will definately vote for Donald Trump in 2020.Read
2019-01-29Huawei denies doing anything wrong after USA criminal charges.Read
2019-01-29USA drops 4 points on the global Corruption index and goes out of the Top 20 for the first time.Read
2019-01-24Marzieh Hashemi, an Anchor for Iran Press TV, released from Detention in the USA.Read
2018-12-22What a Go Fund Me Border Wall campaign says about America's broken political system.Read
2018-11-08White House suspends Jim Acosta from CNN.Read
2018-11-07Mid-term Election see record turnout and one chamber of Congress under Democrats control.Read
2018-11-06Facebook blocks 115 accounts to reduce interference in USA midterm Elections.Read
2018-10-29Gymnastics : USA team comes 4th in team finals at the World Championships.Read
2018-10-24CNN President denounced White House for "Total And Complete Lack Of Understanding" on consequences for attacks against the Media.Read
2018-10-24USA : Pipe Bombs sent to Donald Trump Opponents.Read
2018-09-30Migrant Children are being sent to 'Tent City' in Tornillo, Texas, in the middle of the night.Read
2018-09-22Donald Trump : Rod Rosenstein discussed ways to remove President for Incompetence.Read
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