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 Brexit Updates. 
 UK Knife Crime Crisis Update. 
2019-03-23Police chief says we 'don't investigate 60% of crime' in the UK.Read
2019-04-21Sri Lanka Multiple Terror Attacks Updates. 
2019-04-18Rabbit bone testing shows they've been in the UK since Roman times.Read
2019-04-17Pornography blocker in the UK requiring ID to go live in July.Read
2019-04-17UK Universities use gagging orders to cover up Abuse on campus.Read
2019-04-1214 million British unaware of 6 month rule for Passport renewal because of Brexit. Doh!Read
2019-04-11New Builds in the UK are bad quality. The story of seven familes about Taylor Wimpey.Read
2019-04-09The Conservatives own research says Young people are not stupid enough to vote for them anymore!Read
2019-03-27Theresa May says she will stand down as Prime Minister if her Brexit deal passes.Read
2019-03-25Royal Mail raises stamp prices.Read
2019-03-255,332,692 have signed the Exit Brexit petition in the UK. 
2019-03-19New Peter Rabbit 50p Coin and it's in colour!Read
2019-03-18Fake News sent out by British government department during the Cold War.Read
2019-03-15UK : Zoopla bans 'no housing Benefit' rental ads.Read
2019-03-09Shamima Begum's father apologies to the UK people for daughter 'doing wrong'.Read
2019-03-06UK and USA bombs cause nearly 1,000 civilian casualties in Yemen.Read
2019-03-03£95,000 raised for Search for missing Climbers, Tom Ballard and Daniele Nardi.Read
2019-02-28British led Expedition for Meteorites in Antarctica finds 36.Read
2019-02-26Oxford and Cambridge University have more than 1,000 fewer UK Students than 10 years ago.Read
2019-02-22Churches are no longer required to hold services every Sunday in the UK.Read
2019-02-19Shamima Begum to lose Citizenship to the UK.Read
2019-02-18Seven MP's leave the Labour Party in disagreement with Jeremy Corbyn's leadership.Read
2019-02-18Some Universities prep to go bust in the UK.Read
2019-02-14Schoolgirl wants to return home to Britain from Islamic State.Read
2019-02-12The Labour party in the UK blames 120,000 deaths from Austerity by the Conservatives.Read
2019-02-13UK can expect 100,000+ Migrants under new Conservatives post Brexit plans.Read
2019-02-12Rubbish UK : 1.8 million complaints about unempited Bin Collections.Read
2019-02-11Brexit encourages British companies to Invest in EU Research.Read
2019-02-07Horse Racing cancelled until 13 February because of Equine Flu.Read
2019-02-08Housing Crisis : 1 million 20-34 year olds still living with Parents.Read
2019-02-07OFGEM raise Price Cap on Energy months after bringing it in to protect consumers from Overcharging.Read
2019-02-06Because of Brexit it seems Lithuania will cash-in on Fintech as companies leave the UK.Read
2019-02-05Debt Collectors in the UK in trouble AGAIN over bad practice, confidentiality, empathy, flexibility and Bullying.Read
2019-02-05500,000 Carers in the UK left their jobs in the past two years through lack of support.Read
2019-02-011 in 3 Businesses could move out of the UK because of Brexit.Read
2019-02-01Ministry Of Defence facing £7bn funding crisis.Read
2019-02-01Britain, France and Germany announce procedure to Trade with Iran.Read
2019-01-30"This disaster that we call Brexit has led to me to finding a way to secure my future and my children’s future." People dumping the UK in droves.Read
2019-01-30With High Street Banks closing 200,000 Brits switch their current accounts.Read
2019-01-29USA wants to sell it's lower quality products to the UK after Brexit by changing our safety standards in Beef and NHS Drugs.Read
2019-01-29Dentist crisis in the UK for the NHS as man pulls out his own tooth after 18 month wait.Read
2019-01-29Two Migrants found hiding in Amy Shark tour bus as it was about to enter the UK.Read
2019-01-29Facebook down in popularity with Children in the UK.Read
2019-01-28Councils in UK refusing to meet new Care Homes charges after Conservative cuts of 27% for Elderly.Read
2019-01-28Laura Plummer jailed in Egypt for having painkillers in her suitcase, released.Read
2019-01-25British manufacturers in Clothing accussed of allowing Exploitation and Underpayment to become rife.Read
2019-01-24Three Cypriots who claimed they were Tortured by British Troops in the 1950's recieve £1 Compensation.Read
2019-01-16Donald Tusk suggests Britain should cancel Brexit and stay in the EU. (Comment: The people now agree.)Read
2019-01-15The biggest defeat in British history was suffered by the Conservatives on their Brexit deal.Read
2019-01-15Jews in Britain stick with Europe and take on German citizenship because of Brexit.Read
2019-01-04Criminal Gangs apply for Prison work to smuggle Drugs to UK inmates.Read
2019-01-03Breathalyser that can detect Cancer goes on trial on the UK.Read
2019-01-02NHS moans amount missed GP appointments costing £216m.Read
 In UK it's a 3 week waiting list. Some die but most forget after solving problem elsewhere. Send a reminder over text. Problem solved! 
2018-12-21In the UK it was the worst year for Energy price hikes. Name and Shamed Scottish Power.Read
2018-12-21Gatwick Airport reopens after Drone Chaos.Read
2018-12-21Drone search at Gatwick Airport enters third day.Read
Comment: The total incompetence of Conservative ministers Baroness Sugg, minister of aviation and Chris Grayling, minister of transport, staggers the imagination, as neither showed any comprehension of the problem, how to solve it quickly and efficiently, and had not pre-planned for such an obvious event.
2018-12-19Gatwick Airport grounds flight because of Drone flying over runways.Read
2018-12-20UK Potholes payouts cost £329,000 in 6 months as Conservatives inadequatey fund Road repairs.Read
2018-12-19Gatwick Airport grounds flight because of Drone flying over runways.Read
2018-12-19Brits to leave Santa £98 million worth of snacks.Read
2018-12-19It's A Wonderful Life voted Britain's favourite Christmas film.Read
2018-12-18Brexit incompetence and chaos. Now the UK government really consider a No Deal Brexit.Read
2018-12-15A second Referendum in the UK is now more likely on the Brexit issue after Theresa May gets nowhere on re-negotiations with the EU.Read
2018-12-14UK, Conservatives break another promise and may cancel free TV Licences for Pensioners.Read
2018-12-14OFCOM say 1 in 7 homes have slow Broadband when faster is available for the same or less money.Read
2018-12-13Homes take longer to sell as Brits sit tight because of Brexit fears and helps to reduce prices.Read
2018-12-07Jeremy Corbyn backs the Daily Mirror's 'Feed A Family' appeal this Christmas.Read
2018-12-06Gambling companies agree a whistle-to-whistle Advertising ban in the UK.Read
2018-11-28Retail prices for Christmas are unchanged in the UK from last year.Read
2018-11-26Poverty in the UK : Help a family in need this Christmas. Join the massive Food drive.Read
2018-11-26New Railway complaints Ombudsman starts after incompetence brought chaos to the network.Read
2018-11-25Child Abuse : Richard Dowling, Annette Breakspear behind bars in the UK for forcing 11 year old son to have 3-way Sex with them to stop him being Gay.Read
2018-11-23UAE: Convicted of Spying, Matthew Hodges, wife Daniela criticises UK Government, while signs of a resolution are somewhat hazy.Read
2018-11-23Hollyoaks character Ste to become Radicalised by Jonny to raise awareness in UKRead
2018-11-21Yemen Crisis : 85,000 Children dead from Malnutition and the world doesn't care.Read
Britain is doing it's best to help Saudi Arabia, by hiding bombs sent under 'Less Sensitive Goods' export licenses (Ref: The Guardian), to kill some more.
2018-11-21Burger King and McDonalds criticised for Advertising near Schools in the UKRead
2018-11-08Rememberance Sunday coin issued by the Royal Mint to mark 100 years since WWI.Read
2018-11-07Overpaid Boss, Jeff Fairburn, quits Persimmon in disgrace over his £75m pay check.Read
2018-11-05Health Secretary Matt Hancock plans to extend Life Expectancy in the UK.Read
Comment : 'Mistakes' is not the word we would use.
2018-10-29UK imposes tech giants with a Digital Service Tax.Read
2018-10-29Gymnastics : UK team comes 5th as China win team title in the World Championships.Read
2018-10-24The Queen looks forward to a 'New Partnership' with the European Union after Brexit.Read
2018-10-19The UK is Ranked last out of 44 countries for early Diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer.Read
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