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Intercontinental Hotel Seige  Ended: 2018-01-21
Afghan forces end Intercontinental Hotel siege.
Kabul   6Read Story
Intercontinental Hotel Seige : 2018-01-21
Afghan forces seek to end Intercontinental Hotel siege.
Kabul   6Read Story
Boxing : Anthony Small : 2018-01-18
Former boxer Anthony Small charged with terror offence.
Boxing   6Read Story
Suicide Bombers : Baghdad : 2018-01-15
Baghdad double suicide attack kills at least 16 people.
BaghdadIraq  6Read Story
Agriculture Training Institute Attack : 2017-12-01
9 killed as Taliban disguised in burqas attack Pakistani college.
CollegePeshwar  6Read Story
IMCTC : 2017-11-26
Saudis Launch Counterterror Coalition.
Saudi Arabia   6Read Story
al-Rawda Mosque Attack : Egypt : 2017-11-24Read Story
Terror Cell : Russia : 2017-08-24
'Islamist terror cell' with a hoard of bombs blow themselves up rather than surrender to Russian police.
RussiaSuicide  Read Story
Barcelona and Cambris Terror Attack 2017 08 17Read Story
Suicide Bombers : Nigeria : 2017-08-16
3 female suicide bombers kill 27 and injure 83 in Maiduguri, Nigeria.
Nigeria   Read Story
Charlottesville : Terror Attack : 2017-08-13
At least one dead as car ploughs into protesters at white supremacist rally in Virginia.
CharlottesvilleProtestWhite Supremacists  Read Story
Paris BMW Attack : 2017-08-09
Car rams into soldiers outside Paris leaving six injured.
Paris   Read Story
Football : Neymar : 2017-08-04
Neymar's PSG deal ‘won’t cloud France’s questions over Qatar terror financing’
FranceNeymarQatar Read Story
Daesh Is Still A Threat : 2017-07-21
U.S. counterterrorism official says ISIS remains a threat: "We're not at the point where we can exhale"
Daesh   Read Story
Egypt : Hurghada Attack : 2017-07-14
Deadly attack on tourists at Egyptian Red Sea resort.
Hurghhada   Read Story
Mecca Attack : 2017-06-24
Suicide bomber targeting Mecca hurts six.
Mecca   Read Story
Le Campement Kangaba Attack : 2017-06-19
Gunmen storm Mali tourist resort.
Mali   Read Story
Finsbury Park Mosque Attack : 2017-06-19Read Story
Suicide Bomber: Berlin : 2017-05-31
German police 'foil suicide bombing plot' by teenage asylum seeker in Berlin.
Berlin   Read Story
Explosion Kabul : 2017-05-31
Massive explosion near Indian embassy in Kabul, all officials reportedly safe.
Afghanistan   Read Story
UK Terror Threat : 2017-05-27
UK reduces terror threat level to 'severe'.
UK   Read Story
Manchester Terror Attack 2017-05-27Read Story
Egypt Palm Sunday Church Bombings: 2017-04-09Read Story
Stockholm Terroist Attack: 2017-04-07Read Story
Online Terror: 2017-03-31
Tech giants join forces on online terror fight
CrimeTechnology Read Story 
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