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2019-03-27During WWII Tlingit speaking Soldiers from Alaska, Richard Bean Sr, Robert David Sr, Mark Jacobs Jr, Harvey Jacobs, George Lewis Jr, used codes that could not be broken to help the military outsmart the Japanese.Read
2019-02-18India warms of backlash against Kashmiri Muslims after attack kills 46 Troops in Kashmir.Read
2019-02-10Military withdrawal of Troops from Syria to start in weeks.Read
2019-02-04Pentagon deploys 20,000 Troops to the Border with Mexico.Read
2019-01-24Three Cypriots who claimed they were Tortured by British Troops in the 1950's recieve £1m Compensation.Read
2018-12-20Donald Trump decides to withdraw U.S. Troops from Syria, shocking allies.Read
2018-12-18Nigeria army chief, Alex Badeh, Shot and skilled by gunmen.Read
2018-11-1215 Civilians and 10 Commandos killed in battle with Taliban in Ghazni.Read
2018-11-08Army Base in Kunduz, Afghanistan attacked by Taliban leaving 12 Soldiers dead.Read
2018-10-18Constitution changes in Comoros spark Unrest as Soldiers kill two civilians.Read
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