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2019-02-14Schoolgirl wants to return home to Britain from Islamic State.Read
2019-02-12Students around the world say what they think of Shootings in Schools in the USA.Read
2019-02-11UK : Pointless School GCSE's should be scrapped says MP.Read
2019-02-07Child Abuse at Valhalla Primary School, in Centurion, South Africa, produces outcry from residents.Read
2019-01-0712,000 Schools in Gujarat only have one or two Teachers.Read
2018-11-29Most Schools in Malta fail minimum Hygiene standards.Read
2018-11-229 Year Old French boy Beaten To Death for not doing his homework in Mulhouse, FranceRead
2018-11-21Burger King and McDonalds criticised for Advertising near Schools in the UKRead
2018-09-02Explosion: Bomb in Mogadishu, Somalia causes School to collapse with Children among casualties.Read
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