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12 Reports
Poland : Racists Disrupt Independece Day : 2017-11-12
"White Europe, Europe must be white," and "Pray for an Islamic Holocaust."
PolandProtest  6Read Story
Greece : 'Burned Alive' : 2017-10-12
Greece migrant attack: 'They said they'd burn me alive'.
GreeceMigrants  6Read Story
Cricket : Usman Khawaja : 2017-10-10
Australia batsman Khawaja says was racially abused growing up and racism once played role in national team selections.
AustraliaCricket  6Read Story
National Anthem Controversy USA 2017Read Story
Identity Evropa : Project Siege  : 2017-09-11
White supremacist group planning campus recruitment effort.
CollegeWhite Supremacists   6Read Story
Bell Pottinger : Scandal : 2017-09-07
The far-reaching fallout from the City’s PR scandal.
LondonScandal Read Story
Racism : USA : 2017-08-16
The rise of hate groups in the US.
Hate CrimeWhite Supremacists   Read Story
Racism Protest : USA : 2017-08-19
Thousands rally for anti-racism march in Boston.
Boston   Read Story
USA : A Warning From The Past : 2017-08-14
This 1947 educational film, viewed millions of times on Facebook, warns against the spread of white nationalism in the US.
White Supremacists    Read Story
USA : Virginia : 2017-08-13
Republicans and Democrats demand President Trump to do more to decry white supremacists.
Charlottesville   Read Story
Baseball: 2017-05-03
Racism from fans an ongoing problem in MLB.
MLB   Read Story
Slovakian: 2017-03-19
'They called me a Jew, said that I should die, die.' Neo-fascists are gaining in Slovakia
Jews Slovakia Read Story 
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