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2019-02-11Haiti unrest as Protesters call on President Jovenel Moise to quit.Read
2019-01-30In Zimbabwe arbitary Detentions and convictions are common, Lawyers lead Protests.Read
2019-01-23Venezuela opposition Protest against President Nicolas Maduro.Read
2019-01-19Thousands of people Protest in Baku calling for government to release Political prisoners.Read
2019-01-10Anti-Austerity march in Argentina draws tens of thousands in Protest march.Read
2019-01-10Singapore is created a eco-Tourism zone but fears over Environment create Protests.Read
2019-01-04266 Hindu Hardliners arrested in second day of Protests at the Sabarimala Temple in Kerala.Read
2019-01-03Violent Protests in Kerala after two women made history by entering the Sabarimala Temple.Read
2018-12-17Conservatives in Hungary pass 'Slave law' and thousands Protest on the streets in Budapest.Read
2018-12-17Politician Sajjan Kumar has been Jailed for life for the anti-Sikh series of Riots of 1984.Read
2018-12-16Journalists beaten for Protesting in Nicaragua over a Police raid on their offices.Read
2018-12-16Yellow Vest Protesters defiant in face-off with Police in France.Read
2018-12-15France prepares for a fifth weekend of yellow vest Protests.Read
2018-12-12Thousands Demonstrate in Myanmar against jailing of anti-war activists.Read
2018-12-12Protesters angered by limitations in Poland at the Climate Change Conference.Read
2018-12-10Emm7nuel Macron will address the country regarding the Yellow Vest Protests.Read
2018-12-04Villagers Protest over sacred Cows being slaughtered stoned Police, 1 killed, near Uttar Pradesh.Read
2018-12-03French Government holding emergency meetings after weekend violent Protests.Read
2018-11-01Google staff Walkout over the treatment of Women within the company.Read
2018-10-21Kentucky: Mitch McConnell faced Protesters as he plans to slash Welfare and Healthcare budgets.Read
2018-10-18Constitution changes in Comoros spark Unrest as Soldiers kill two civilians.Read
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