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Time's Up NRA : 2018-02-18Read Story
Students to march on Washington in Protest as anger grows for Gun Control after the Florida school shooting.
Christian Delusion At It's Most Dangerous : 2018-02-08Read Story
Protest after Vue cinema cancels 'Gay cure' Film screening.
Russia : Day Of Protest : 2018-01-28
Navalny freed after day of protests.
Russia   6Read Story
Honduras Unrest : 2018-01-21
Deadly violence over disputed Honduras election result.
HondurasPolice  6Read Story
Tear Gas : 2018-01-14
Police use tear gas on protesters in Tunisia.
Tunisia   6Read Story
Reforms : 2018-01-14
Government announce reforms after unrest.
Tunisia   6Read Story
Austerity Protests : 2018-01-11
Tunisia hit by new anti-austerity protests
Tunisia   6Read Story
Iran protests :  2017 / 2018 : UpdatesRead Story
Peru : 2017-12-26
New clashes after Peru ex-president is pardoned.
Peru   6Read Story
Tinananmen Square : Crackdown : 2017-12-23
Tiananmen Square protest death toll 'was 10,000'.
China   6Read Story
Austria : Far Right Protest : 2017-12-18
Austria protest as far right Freedom Party tastes power.
Austria   6Read Story
Argentina : Pension Protest : 2017-12-18
Violent protests erupt in Argentina over pension reform.
ArgentinaPensions  6Read Story
Ukraine : Mikheil Saakashvili : 2017-12-10
Thousands in Ukraine Demand Saakashvili's Release.
Ukraine   6Read Story
The Jerusalem Debate : 2017-12-08 : Global ProtestsRead Story
The Jerusalem Debate : 2017-12-07 : HamasRead Story
Germany : Far-Right Protests : 2017-12-02
Police and protesters clash over far-right meeting.
FacismGermany  6Read Story
Honduras : 2017-12-01
Protesters clash with police as Honduras election crisis grows.
Honduras   6Read Story
Romania Mass Protests : 2017-11-26
Thousands in Romania Protest Changes to Tax and Justice Laws.
JusticeRomania  6Read Story
Islamabad : Islamist Unrest : 2017-11-25
Pakistan army called on to stop 'blasphemy' clashes in Islamabad.
Islamabad   6Read Story
Poland : Racists Disrupt Independece Day : 2017-11-12
"White Europe, Europe must be white," and "Pray for an Islamic Holocaust."
Independence DayPoland  6Read Story
Brazilian Politicians Lose The Plot: 2017-11-10
Thousands protest austerity measures in Brazil.
Brazil   6Read Story
Catalonia Independence 2017-10-30Read Story
Football : Anne Frank Protest : 2017-10-28
Soccer teams protest reading of Anne Frank diary passages at games
FootballItaly  6Read Story
Mogadishu : Protest : 2017-10-16
Somalis protest against al-Shabab.
Al ShabaabMogadishu  6Read Story
Utah Outrage: No Charges : 2017-10-08
Protesters outraged after Utah district attorney declines to files charges against officer in fatal shooting.
PoliceUtah  6Read Story
Catalonia Independence Referendum 2017Read Story
Russian Protests : 2017-10-07
Protesters rally across Russia in challenge to President Vladimir Putin on his 65th birthday.
RussiaVladimir Putin  6Read Story
Baseball : Cardinals : 2017-09-29
Protesters unfurl 'stop killing us' banner at Cardinals game and chant 'no justice, no baseball!'
BaseballCardinals  6Read Story
Obamacare Protests : 2017-09-25
Protests and arrests disrupt Senate hearing on Obamacare repeal bill.
Obamacare   6Read Story
Brexit : 2017-09-09
Thousands join anti-Brexit march through London.
BrexitLondon  6Read Story
THAAD : South Korea : 2017-09-07
Hundreds of protesters clashed with police as final parts of US THAAD missile defense system arrived in South Korea.
South KoreaTHAAD  6Read Story
Barcelona : March : 2017-08-26
'Not afraid': defiant Barcelona to march against terror.
Barcelona   Read Story
Racism Protest : USA : 2017-08-19
Thousands rally for anti-racism march in Boston.
BostonRacism  Read Story
Charlottesville : Terror Attack : 2017-08-13
At least one dead as car ploughs into protesters at white supremacist rally in Virginia.
CharlottesvilleTerrorWhite Supremacists  Read Story
Brexit Protests : 2017-08-06
Anti-Brexit campaigners 'planning wave of mass protests next month'.
Brexit   Read Story
Mass Rally : Istanbul : 2017-07-30
Mass rally in Istanbul over Israel's Jerusalem measures.
Istanbul   Read Story
Caracas : Barricades : 2017-07-28
Barricades in Caracas as Venezuelan anti-government protests grow.
Venezuela   Read Story
Poland : Lech Walesa : 2017-07-22
Democracy icon Lech Walesa joins Poland anti-government protests.
Poland   Read Story
Poland vs. Justice : 2017-07-22
Polish parliament approves judicial shake-up, ignoring protests and EU warnings.
European UnionLegilsationPoland Read Story
Erdogan Getting Rid Of The Competition : 2017-06-15
Thousands rally in Turkey after opposition lawmaker Enis Berberoglu jailed for 25 years.
Turkey   Read Story
Grenfell Tower Fire, London :  2017-06-14Read Story
Violence Spreads In Venezuela : 2017-06-07
Another Violent Day in Venezuela Raises Toll to at Least 66 Deaths.
Venezuela   Read Story
Morocco : Nasser Zefzafi : 2017-06-02
Thousands rally across Morocco's Rif region for an eighth night demanding the release of a prominent protest leader.
Morocco   Read Story
Venezuela: 2017-05-30
Venezuela opposition figures wounded as anti-govt demos intensify.
Venezuela   Read Story
Bahrain Crackdown : 2017-05-24
Bahrain warns protesters after deadly crackdown.
Bahrain   Read Story
Anti-Maduro Protests: 2017-05-16
At least one person killed in Venezuela as thousands of Anti-Maduro protesters stage sit-ins.
Venezuela   Read Story
Investor Protests: 2017-05-10
Barclays is facing questions from investors over its handling of a whistleblowing case.
Barclays BankInvestorWhistleblowing Read Story
Moscow Protests: 2017-05-06
7 held in Russian anti-government rally.
Moscow   Read Story
Venezuela: Pedro Michell Yaminne: 2017-05-06
Armored military vehicle crushes 22 year old Venezuelan protester Pedro Michell Yaminne.
Venezuela   Read Story
Argentina, The Mothers Of My Square: 2017-04-27
Four decades on, Argentina's 'Mothers Of May Square' still marching to find out what happened to their children.
ArgentinaMothers  Read Story
Istanbul Protests: 2017-04-23
Protests in Istanbul over disputed referendum result.
IstanbulReferendum  Read Story
March For Science: 2017-04-22
‘Assault on facts’ fuels scientists first ever global march for science.
Science   Read Story
March For Science: 2017-04-22
Global 'March for Science' protests call for action on climate change.
Climate ChangeScience  Read Story
Sri-Lanka Protests: 2017-04-21
Sri Lanka bans anti-garbage protests after dump disaster.
Sri Lanka   Read Story
Venezuela, Violence: 2017-04-20
Woman stands down armored vehicle amid protests in the streets of Caracas.
Venezuela   Read Story
Secret Vote: 2017-04-01
Paraguay protesters set fire to Congress after secret vote on bill to let president run for re-election
Paraguay  Read Story 
Russian Unrest: 2017-03-27
Why these protests in Russia were different
Russia  Read Story 
Russian Crackdown: 2017-03-27
US condemns Russian crackdown on anti-Putin protesters
Russia  Read Story 
Trump Supporters: 2017-03-26
Trump Supporters vs. Critics Clash on California Beach  
Donald Trump  Read Story 
Catalan Protest: 2017-03-20
Thousands attend rally in Barcelona against Catalan independence
BarcelonaCatalonia Read Story 
Egypt: 2017-03-08
‘Right to bread’: Egyptians protest over fears of subsidy cuts
BreadEgypt Read Story 
Trump Hotel: 2017-02-28
Amid protests and controversy, Pres. Trump's sons open hotel in Vancouver
Vancouver  Read Story 
Corruption: 2017-02-21
Romania's have-a-go heroes fight corruption 
Romania  Read Story 
Justice Minister Resigns, 2017-02-09 
Romanian justice minister resigns after mass protests against corruption law
Romania  Read Story