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On This Day 2017-10-13
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Coal : USA : 2017-10-13
Coal plant closures continue even as U.S. ends 'Clean Power Plan' .
CoalUSA  6Read Story
Samsung : Kwon Oh-hyun Resigns : 2017-10-13
Samsung Electronics CEO resigns over 'unprecedented crisis'.
Samsung   6Read Story
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How hackable are you?Read Story
School Attacks : 2017-10-13
UN Says Attacks on Schools on the Rise
SchoolUnited Nations  6Read Story
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Disney : Job Cuts : 2017-10-13
Disney to cut about 200 jobs at its TV networks
DisneyJobsTelevision 6Read Story
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Rich In Poverty : 2017-10-13
Venezuela, oil-rich but poverty-stricken.
OilPovertyVenezuela 6Read Story
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Wildfires : California : 2017-10-13
Toll rises to 34 dead as catastrophic fires spread in Northern California.
CaliforniaWildfires  6Read Story
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Radiation : Space Exploration : 2017-10-13
Space radiation won’t stop NASA’s human exploration.
ExplorersNASARadiation 6Read Story
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Cycling : Tour Of Turkey : 2017Read Story
Football : Bad Food : Under 17's World Cup : 2017-10-13
Probe ordered into substandard snacks served in Guwahati.
FoodWorld Cup  6Read Story
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