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On This Day 2019-02-12
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BonsaiA 400 year old Bonsai Tree has been Stolen with 6 others from a garden in Saitama, Tokyo, Japan.Read
DelhiDelhi fire in a Hotel kills 17 and sparks Safety concerns.Read
Drug DealerDrugs Dealer El Chapo, aka Joaquin Guzmán, found guilty at federal Court in the USA.Read
DrugsThanapan Sinprasert, 24, a food vendor in Bangkok, Thailand for selling Ketamine.Read
FerriesUK government Sued over post-Brexit no-deal Ferry contracts. (One for a company with no ships.)Read
FootballHakeem al-Araibi : Footballer welcomed home to Australia after Detention in Thailand.Read
MilitaryAMAN-19 Military exercises enters final day in the Arabian Sea with over 45 countries participating.Read
Radio UKDesert Island Discs Radio programme on the BBC named greatest show of all time.Read
ShootingsStudents around the world say what they think of Shootings in Schools in the USA.Read
RubbishRubbish UK : 1.8 million complaints about unempited Bin Collections.Read
Taxi DriversUK Taxi drivers to face enhanced Criminal record checks to protect public Safety.Read
UKThe Labour party in the UK blames 120,000 deaths from Austerity by the Conservatives.Read
USANext USA Government Shutdown : Democrats and Republicans reach a deal.Read
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