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On This Day 2018-12-14
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Broadband UKOFCOM say 1 in 7 homes have slow Broadband when faster is available for the same or less money.Read
ConservativesUK, Conservatives break another promise and may cancel free TV Licences for Pensioners.Read
HockeyHockey World Cup 2018 UpdatesRead
Johnson & JohnsonJohnson And Johnson baby powder contaminated with Asbestos and the company kew for decades.Read
Johnson And Johnson shares lose $40 billion in value after Asbestos in baby powder Scandal.Read
Migrant CaravanA 7 year old Girl from the Migrant caravan has died 'after' crossing the USA-Mexico border.Read
Sesame StreetLily, a Homeless muppet, wins contract to become a cast member on Sesame Street.Read
USAUSA Senate passes a resolution saying Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is responsible for the killing of Journalist, Jamal Khashoggi.Read
Wages10 years after the Financial Crisis, Wages in the UK for many are still one third lower than in 2008.Read
Comment: If you have a normal job do you think of yourself as a Slave? Maybe it's time to re-think because 'The Establishment' and the 'Fat Cats' have got considerably richer over the past 10 years at the cost of the people that make the money.
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