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Coronavirus 2019/2020 News
Named: Covid-19
An RNA Virus That Can Effect Animals And Humans.
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InfectionsGlobal Infections: 13,036,587 
DeathsDeath Toll: 571,574 
RecoveredRecovered: 7,582,425 
 Updated daily around 07.00am UK Time. 
2020-05-05Reworking Frank Sinatra.
๐ŸŽผ It's very clear, this virus is here to stay. ๐ŸŽผ
๐ŸŽผ Not for a year, but forever and a day. ๐ŸŽผ
๐ŸŽผ Rockies won't crumble but Humans may fade away. ๐ŸŽผ
๐ŸŽผ So, Social Dist-an-cing is here, to stay. ๐ŸŽผ
2020-07-05Coronavirus will damage trust in Governments for decades.Read
NOWCountries must prepare for the second wave. This from the UK >Read
2020-07-12Florida: 15,000 Covid-19 in one day. More than most countries.Read
2020-07-11Bangladesh: Health workers at Regent Hospital charged with Corruption for selling Fake Covid-19 certificates.Read
2020-07-10USA: 65,000 new Covid-19 cases in one day. A Record.Read
2020-07-09Idiot News: Serbian protesters storm parliament after 2nd lockdown announced.Read
2020-07-09Tokyo: 224 new infections.Read
2020-07-07Florida runs out of ICU beds.Read
2020-07-07USA leaves WHO blaming them for their own cock-up on Covid-19.Read
2020-07-07Just Deserts: Jair Bolsonaro has Covid-19.Read
2020-07-06Covid-19 airborne infections under-reported.Read
2020-07-06Australia closes state Borders.Read
2020-07-06India now 3rd most Covid-19 infected country.Read
2020-07-05Egypt: Actress Ragaa el-Geddawy dies of covid-19.Read
2020-07-04WHO stops Hydroxychloroquine, Lopinavir and Ritonavir trials for no improvement in death rates.Read
2020-07-04India: 20,000 new cases in one day.Read
2020-07-01Czechs hold mass street party bidding farewell to Covid-19. Very premature! 
2020-06-30Rip Off: Bangladesh starts charging for Covid-19 tests.Read
2020-06-29USA: Covid-19 cases much higher than being reported.Read
2020-06-29Vaccine approved for Chinese Military use.Read
2020-06-29Texas returns to lockdown as Covid-19 takes a dangerous turn.Read
2020-06-29UK: Leicester faces 2nd lockdown after Covid-19 spike.Read
2020-06-28Europe to block USA Tourists.Read
2020-06-28USA hits 2,500,000 Covid-19 cases with 125,000 deaths.Read
2020-06-27Covid-19 "Vaccine For All" Fundraising reaches $6.9 billion.Read
2020-06-27Bethlehem in lockdown from Covid-19.Read
2020-06-28EU delays decision on Border openings.Read
2020-06-27India passes 500,000 covid-19 cases.Read
2020-06-25Texas reports massive Covid-19 infections.Read
2020-06-25UK: Idiot News: Morons flock to Bournemouth and pack the beach ignoring Covid-19 threat.Read
2020-06-25UK NHS: Covid-19 antibody test reliability questioned.Read
2020-06-23Germany: Lockdown returns after Slaughterhouse outbreak.Read
2020-06-23Tennis: Novak Djokovic tests positive.Read
2020-06-23Australia: Covid-19: New School closures.Read
2020-06-22Tennis: Borna ฤ†oriฤ‡ tests positive.DotRead
2020-06-22Cricket: Haider Ali, Haris Rauf, Shadab Khan, test positive.Read
2020-06-22Germany's Covid-19 'R' number spikes at 2.88.Read
2020-06-21Donald Trump calls for testing slowdown to reduce infection numbers.Read
2020-06-20Worrying spikes across the USA make Wall Street nervous.Read
2020-06-19Brazil: 1 Million Infections+. Virus spreads inland.Read
2020-06-18Beijing cases down. India sees big increase.Read
2020-06-17Chile: From being one of the best covid-19 approaches to one of the worst.Read
2020-06-17Nepal: Court orders Government to pay for stranded Migrants to return home.Read
2020-06-17Beijing rases covid-19 response level as more infections hit the city.Read
2020-06-16Montenegro loses Coronavirus free status.Read
2020-06-15France anounces large restriction lifting.Read
2020-06-15Nepal: 1,200 people commited Suicide during covid-19 lockdown.Read
2020-06-15Asia: Stocks and Oil falls as covid-19 second wave feared.Read
2020-06-13Brazil becomes second worst effected country. 
2020-06-12Beijing: New outbreak closes 2 food markets and delays plans to open Schools.Read
2020-06-11USA passes 2 million covid-19 infections but still restrictions are lifted.Read
2020-06-11Russia maybe under reporting covid-19 numbers.Read
2020-06-11OECD on Covid-19. "Throw everything you've got at it."Read
2020-06-11WHO warns covid-19 accelerating in Africa.Read
2020-06-10Thailand to trial 15-day lifting of curfew.Read
2020-06-08Asia-Pacific could lose 125 million Jobs.Read
2020-06-08Brazil restricts access to Covid-19 data to whitewash numbers.Read
2020-06-09Fedup with lockdown, a Panda prison breaks from Copenhagen Zoo.Read
2020-06-07A dramatic end to social distancing will promote the second wave of Covid-19.Read
2020-06-06Big rise in positives for Miners in PolandRead
2020-06-06WHO now says face masks when social distancing isn't possible.Read
2020-06-04Sweden admits it could have handled Covid-19 better.Read
2020-06-04Autopsy reveals George Floyd tested positive for Covid-19Read
2020-06-03India approves using Remdesivir to treat patients.Read
2020-06-03Mass protests continue across USA with health officials warning of Covid-19 spreading fast.Read
2020-06-02200 Migrants in India have died on the roads walking home from Covid-19.Read
2020-06-02UK highlights the risks to different races of infections and chances of death.Read
2020-06-02Air Asia India gives 50,000 to Doctors.Read
2020-06-01China's Covid-19 Vaccine may begin mass production this year.Read
2020-06-01South Korea to tighten quarantine rules.Read