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19 Reports
2020-05-24 Philippines: Online child Sex Abuse triples in 3 years. Read
2020-04-20 Cycling: Health Mate Cyclive Team: Patrick Van Gansen found guilty of Abuse. Read
2020-04-07 Dot George Pell: Court overturns convictions in Sex Abuse case. Read
2020-04-01 NRL tears-up contracts and deregisters DotCorey Harawira-Naera and DotJayden Okunbor for their part in the Sex Abuse schoolgirl Scandal. Read
2020-03-23 Alex Salmond cleared of all Sex Abuse charges. Read
2020-02-24 Harvey Weinstein found guilty of Rape and Sex Assault. Read
2020-02-18 Boy Scouts of America file for Bankruptcy protection over Sex Abuse Lawsuits. Read
2019-12-06 Uber had 6,000 Sex Assault reports in USA in two years. Read
2019-07-16 UK Military police did not record 60+ Sex Abuse allegations properly. Read
2019-04-26 Sex Attack victim gives police officer a lift back to the station because of Conservative cutbacks resulting in 10 officers sharing two cars. Read
2019-04-17 UK Universities use gagging orders to cover up Abuse on campus. Read
2019-**-** Michael Jackson Updates
2019-03-09 Sir Cliff Richard joins anonymity campaign to protect people suspected of Sex Abuse. Read
2019-03-07 Film director Kim Ki-duk files Lawsuit for damages against MeToo after Sex Abuse allegations. Read
2019-03-06 R Kelly cried and denies Sex Abuse charges in interview. Read
2019-02-14 300 Child Sex Abuse offences. Juan Carlos Sánchez Latorre, Colombia, gets 60 years in prison. Read
2019-01-11 Craig McLachlan charged with Assault and Sex offences. Read
2019-01-07 Alex Hepburn Worcester County Cricket Club charged with Rape of sleeping woman after sex game with friends on Whatsapp Read
2018-11-25 Child Abuse : Richard Dowling, Annette Breakspear behind bars in the UK for forcing 11 year old son to have 3-way Sex with them to stop him being Gay. Read
2018-10-18 Gymnastics. Steve Penny arrested for tampering with Sex Abuse evidence in Larry Nassar Scandal. Read