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 BLM Protests 2020 Coronavirus 
2020-07-1065,000 new Covid-19 cases in one day. A Record.Read
2020-07-10Skeletons In The Cupboard: Trump still doesn't want his Tax records published.Read
2020-07-10Supreme Court rejects Trump immunity in personal and business financial records.Read
2020-07-07USA leaves WHO blaming them for their own cock-up on Covid-19.Read
2020-07-03Amazon driver quits 11 hour shifts and leaves van in petrol station.Read
2020-06-29Covid-19 cases much higher than being reported.Read
2020-06-29Texas returns to lockdown as Covid-19 takes a dangerous turn.Read
2020-06-28Europe to block USA Tourists.Read
2020-06-28USA hits 2,500,000 Covid-19 cases with 125,000 deaths.Read
2020-06-28Taliban deny Russian payments to kill USA Troops.Read
2020-06-27Princeton University removes ex-President Woodrow Wilson's name from school.Read
2020-06-20Worrying spikes across the USA make Wall Street nervous.Read
2020-06-18Uncle Ben's to be rebranded.Read
2020-06-18USA imposes Sanctions on Syria President Bashar Assad.Read
2020-06-18DotJohn Bolton: Donald Trump attempted to use military aid to pressure Ukraine.Read
2020-06-17Richmond police chief out after days of confrontation.Read
2020-06-15USA Supreme Court says LGBT workers are protected against Discrimination.Read
2020-06-11Confederate flag banned by NASCARRead
2020-06-11USA passes 2 million covid-19 infections but still restrictions are lifted.Read
2020-06-11Unemployment down.Read
2020-06-10FBI warn of Exploitation from Smartphone Banking Apps.Read
2020-06-10USA Navy bans Confederate flag.Read
2020-06-08Minneapolis City Council to disband Police department for reform.Read
2020-06-06Scores of Retired Military and defence leaders denounce Donald TrumpRead
2020-05-25Minneapolis Police officer, Derek Chauvin murders black man DotGeorge Floyd. 4 officers Fired.Read
2020-05-22Trump to withdraw from 'open skies' treaty.Read
2020-05-17Comedian DotFred Willard dies at 86.Read
2020-05-17Covid-19 has shown USA government unfit for purpose.Read
2020-05-17US Space Force launch X37-B on 6th mission.Read
2020-05-17Barack Obama: Donald Trump 'not even pretending to be in charge'.Read
2020-05-15Amazon to send 'rep' to Congress on lying about treatment of third-party sellers.Read
2020-05-14Donald Trump ignores experts and says Schools should reopen.Read
2020-05-14USA: Cheap 99 cent Chicken to end.Read
2020-05-13Dr Anthony Fauci: Almost every country underestimated Covid-19.Read
2020-05-12Elon Musk defies California and reopens Tesla plant.Read
2020-05-11Donald Trump ordered Meat workers back to work and as expected they are falling ill and dying of Covid-19 while exports continue to China ignoring shortages in the USA.Read
2020-05-10UK Gov' Fail Again. This time 50,000 covid-19 tests had to be sent to USA.Read
2020-05-08The USA's flawed private Health system has widening cracks showing Americans are sicker in all areas than other major countries.Read
2020-05-06USA infection rates rise as lockdown eased too early.Read
2020-05-04The man that caused this crisis in the USA finally tells Americans 100,000 could die.Read
2020-05-02Idiot News: Useless USA Court dismisses New York Nurses plea for PPE.Read
2020-05-02FDA authorises Ebola drug Remdesivir for treatment of Covid-19.Read
2020-04-25Some States in USA reopen as a confirmation that the Greenback is more important than any American life, even as infections race towards 1,000,000 and deaths hit 50,000.Read
2020-04-14UK: MP's summon execs of DotImagination Technologies as China tries to transfer ownership of Security Tech which compromises the UK, Europe and the USA.Read
 Comment: Another more serious example of the Conservative government allowing sales to dodgy entities like China and Private Equity companies. 
2020-04-12USA is now the Coronavirus epicenter with 520,000 infections and 2,000 deaths from inadequate government response to the pandemic.Read
2020-04-10USA expels 6,300 Migrants back to Mexico.Read
2020-04-09USA companies cause uproar by cutting Jobs but not Investor payouts.Read
2020-04-081,736 deaths in ONE day as America pays the price of bad government and a healthcare system that is unfit for purpose.Read
2020-04-01Donald Trump drops the optimism and starts telling Americans the real truth. As many as 200,000 may die. A cold reality for a bodged response.Read
2020-03-30USA reeling from Covid-19 and paying a very heavy price for no lockdown.Read
2020-03-29Idiot News: Yemeni preacher Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Ubeidi says Israel and America created Coronavirus to take over Mecca and Medina.Read
2020-03-28$2 trillion rescue package for USA worded to stop Donald Trump using it for his failing BusinessRead
2020-03-19California issues 'Stay At Home' order to fight the Coronavirus.Read
2020-03-16Teenagers in North Carolina turn empty home into Community center during Coronavirus crisis.Read
2020-03-16Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift tell fans to stay at home and self-isolate to protect others.Read
2020-03-13Donald Trump declares national emergency in USA.Read
2020-03-12Donald Trump restricts travel from Europe.Read
2020-03-11Markets fall as Donald Trump bans all travel to US from Europe.Read
2020-03-10Army sign agreement with Gilead for experiments COVID-19 treatment.Read
2020-03-10Empty seats at Navy Graduations in Illinois as public stopped from attending.Read
2020-03-10USA delays in after testing goes past 1,000.Read
2020-03-05Anger in USA testing delayed.Read
2020-03-04California declares state of emergency with 87 infections.Read
2020-03-03Twitter staff told to work from home. 
2020-02-02Seattle: 6 Deaths. 
2020-03-02New York confirm first case. 
2020-02-29USA postpones summit with ASEAN leaders.Read
2020-02-27Coronavirus spreading in USA. 61 cases.Read
2020-02-26Donald Trump puts Mike Pence in charge of USA response.Read
2020-02-26USA Soldier tests positive in South Korea.Read
2020-02-26The American people told to prepare for the Coronavirus.Read
2020-02-25The CDC tells American people to prepare for the Coronavirus.Read
2020-01-30Longest ever Smuggling tunnel discovered across US/Mexico border.Read
2020-01-27USA: 5th case confirmed in Arizona.Read
2020-01-22USA: Washington State. 1st victim.Read
2019-12-295 people Stabbed in Monsey, New York, at the house of a Rabbi.Read
2019-12-19Substantial rise of Drivers under the influence of Marijuana in the USA. Read
2019-12-09USA Police officer, Stephen Carr, Ambushed and Executed in Arkansas outside station.Read
2019-12-06Uber had 6,000 Sex Assault reports in USA in two years.Read
2019-12-043 people arrested in Kentucky for selling a Baby for $2,000.Read
2019-11-29In USA the fake University Of Farmington set up to entrap and Deport foreign Students.Read
2019-11-04Free Speech under attack in the USA again with 2 years in Prison from protesting about the Oil industry.Read
2019-10-31Strong winds fan Wildfires around Los Angeles.Read
2019-10-09Singapore replaces USA as most competitive Economy.Read
2019-10-062 men Shot 4 people and wounded 5 in a dispute in a Kansas City bar.Read
2019-10-03Dr. Joel Smithers from Virginia sentenced to 40 years after prescribing 500,000 Opioid doses.Read
2019-09-26USA lung disease from Vaping rises to 805 with 12 deaths but still fail to identify 'known' causes.Read
2019-08-22Donald Trump's trade tarrifs to reduce US Household income by $580+Read
2019-08-04Dayton Mass Shooting Updates.
2019-08-04El Paso Mass Shooting Updates.
2019-07-29Gilroy Garlic Festival Shooting Updates.Read
2019-07-29Idiot News : Colorado State University warns employees against using offensive words like 'Straight', 'Male', and 'America'.Read
2019-07-28Finnegan Lee Elder (19) and Gabriel Christian Natale Hjorth (18) from San Francisco accused of murder by Stabbing and attempted Extortion of Italian Military officer Mario Cerciello Rega.Read
2019-07-15Storm Barry to hit millions with flooding in the USA.Read
2019-06-23Toys 'R' Us to reopen in the USA.Read
2019-05-23A sixth Child has died in the hands of US Border Control.Read
2019-05-21Abortion ban Protests across the USA.Read
2019-05-09Denver throws more Druggies on the scrapheap by legalising magic Mushrooms.Read
2019-05-07STEM School Highlands Ranch Shooting near Denver, USA kills one Student.Read
2019-05-02John Kapoor, Insys Theraputics founder, convicted in Opioid Crisis case in USA.Read
2019-04-10Large criminal Gangs, based in India, scamming Elderly Americans.Read
2019-03-25Donald Trump announces his complete exoneration in colluding with Russia probe.Read
2019-03-14USA agrees to build six Nuclear power plants in India.Read
2019-03-12USA withdraws diplomatic staff as Venezuela crisis deepens.Read
2019-03-12USA demands design changes on Boeing 737 Max aircraft after two crashes.Read
2019-03-11Opioid Crisis : Schools prepare for Overdoses.Read
2019-03-08Paul Manafort, Ex-Trump campaign chief jailed for 48 months for tax and bank Fraud.Read
2019-03-08Idiot News : Police officer in Colorado detain black man for picking up rubbish outside his house.Read
2019-03-06UK and USA bombs cause nearly 1,000 civilian casualties in Yemen.Read
2019-02-12Drugs Dealer El Chapo, aka Joaquin Guzmán, found guilty at federal Court in the USA.Read
2019-02-12Students around the world say what they think of Shootings in Schools in the USA.Read
2019-02-04Super Bowl 53 the New England Patriots beat the Los Angeles Rams 13-3 for a record 6th win.Read
2019-02-04Pentagon deploys 20,000 Troops to the Border with Mexico.Read
2019-01-31Idiot News : White House press secretary Sarah Saunders says "God wanted Donald Trump to be President".Read
2019-01-29USA wants to sell it's lower quality products to the UK after Brexit by changing our safety standards in Beef and NHS Drugs.Read
2019-01-29Most Americans will definately vote for Donald Trump in 2020.Read
2019-01-29Huawei denies doing anything wrong after USA criminal charges.Read
2019-01-29USA drops 4 points on the global Corruption index and goes out of the Top 20 for the first time.Read
2019-01-24Marzieh Hashemi, an Anchor for Iran Press TV, released from Detention in the USA.Read
2018-12-22What a Go Fund Me Border Wall campaign says about America's broken political system.Read
2018-11-08White House suspends Jim Acosta from CNN.Read
2018-11-07Mid-term Election see record turnout and one chamber of Congress under Democrats control.Read
2018-11-06Facebook blocks 115 accounts to reduce interference in USA midterm Elections.Read
2018-10-29Gymnastics : USA team comes 4th in team finals at the World Championships.Read
2018-10-24CNN President denounced White House for "Total And Complete Lack Of Understanding" on consequences for attacks against the Media.Read
2018-10-24USA : Pipe Bombs sent to Donald Trump Opponents.Read
2018-09-30Migrant Children are being sent to 'Tent City' in Tornillo, Texas, in the middle of the night.Read
2018-09-22Donald Trump : Rod Rosenstein discussed ways to remove President for Incompetence.Read