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2020-07-10Skeletons In The Cupboard: Trump still doesn't want his Tax records published.Read
2020-07-10Supreme Court rejects Donald's immunity in personal and business financial records.Read
2020-07-09DotMelania Trump Statue set on fire in Slovenia.Read
2020-06-23Donald threatens Statue anarchists with prison.Read
2020-06-22UK: Nigel Farage ridiculed for attending Trump's flopped Tulsa rally.Read
2020-06-22Empty seats at Donald's rally in Tulsa.Read
2020-06-21Donald calls for testing slowdown to reduce infection numbers.Read
2020-06-18Facebook removes Donald's campaign Ads under organised hate policy.Read
2020-06-18DotJohn Bolton: Donald Trump attempted to use military aid to pressure Ukraine.Read
2020-06-10Fort Trump projects falls apart.Read
2020-06-06Scores of Retired Military and defence leaders denounce Donald.Read
2020-06-05Facebook promises review after backlast on Donald's posts.Read
2020-06-01Donald shelters in White House bunker as protests rage outside.Read
2020-05-29Donald calls George Floyd protesters 'thugs' and threatens to shoot any looters.Read
2020-05-22Trump to withdraw from 'open skies' treaty.Read
2020-05-17Barack Obama: Donald Trump 'not even pretending to be in charge'.Read
2020-05-15Donald not going for renegotiation on China Trade deal.Read
2020-05-14Donald ignores experts and says Schools should reopen.Read
2020-05-11Donald ordered Meat workers back to work and as expected they are falling ill and dying of Covid-19 while exports continue to China ignoring shortages in the USA.Read
2020-05-04The man that caused this crisis in the USA finally tells Americans 100,000 could die.Read
2020-04-24Donald branded Moron for suggesting injection of disinfectant.Read
2020-04-22Harvard University bites back at Trump's demand they payback $9m in Coronavirus aid.Read
2020-04-21Donald suspends Immigration to USA.Read
2020-04-15Donald continues to blame everyone but himself for thousands of American deaths. Now he cuts Funding for the WHO.Read
2020-04-01Donald drops the optimism and starts telling Americans the real truth. As many as 200,000 may die. A cold reality for a bodged response.Read
2020-03-28Donald cowers out of Quarantine for New York.Read
2020-03-28$2 trillion rescue package for USA worded to stop Donald using it for his failing BusinessRead
2020-02-24Donald arrives in India.Read
2020-02-23Donald embarkes on his visit to IndiaRead
2020-01-28Donald playing games with his peace plan as he cosies up to Benjamin Netanyahu leaving the Palestinians out in the cold.Read
2019-12-29Vladimir Putin thanks Donald for Intelligence that prevented a Saint Petersburg attack.Read
2019-12-03Donald attacks Emmanuel Macron for 'brain dead' comments on NATO angering Turkey's Recep Erdoğan.Read
2019-11-28Donald made surprise Thanksgiving to Troops in Afghanistan.Read
2019-11-27Donald labels Mexican Drug cartels as Terrorists.Read
2019-10-08Turkey ready with troops to Syria as Donald abandons his allies The Kurds.Read
2019-08-22Donald's trade tarrifs to reduce US Household income by $580+Read
2019-08-12Protests in Venezuela About Donald and SanctionsRead
2019-07-18Donald showing his true colours by using the Race card to win second Term.Read
2019-07-16Donald orders products 55%+ USA made can be stated "Made In America".Read
2019-07-15Donald tells all "congresswomen of colour to leave the US" in a Racist tweet.Read
2019-06-02Donald decalres disaster in Oklahoma after Flooding.Read
2019-06-01Donald says Boris Johnson would make a great Prime Minister.Read
2019-05-30Kim Hyok Chol, and others, Executed in North Korea for failing Trump / Kim summit.Read
2019-05-14Donald announces an extra $1.6 billion to NASA for a return to the moon.Read
2019-05-07Shares plunge as Donald threatens China with more Tariffs.Read
2019-03-25Donald announces his complete exoneration in colluding with Russia probe.Read
2019-03-25Donald cleared of conspiring with Russia.Read
2019-03-19Donald on the defensive as Brenton Tarrant says he's a symbol of White Identity.Read
2019-03-08Porn star Stormy Daniels' vs. Donald hush money case, thrown out.Read
2019-03-05Donald gives Athletes junk food at the White House again!Read
2019-03-04Donald using his position to consolidate his personal business interests.Read
2019-02-28What Michael Cohen said about Donald.Read
2019-02-28Summit between Donald and Kim Jong Un ends in Chaos.Read
2019-02-26Donald preps to meet Kim Jong Un in Vietnam.Read
2019-02-19Donald sued by 16 US States over emergency declaration for Border wall.Read
2019-02-14Paul Manafort, one of Donald Trump's aids, lied to prosecutors.Read
2019-02-05State Of The Union speech by Donald Trump full of what we now call Fake News.Read
2019-01-31Idiot News : White House press secretary Sarah Saunders says "God wanted Donald Trump to be President".Read
2019-01-29Most Americans will definately vote for Donald Trump in 2020.Read
2019-01-24Donald will not give the State Of The Union address until government shutdown is over.Read
2019-01-13Go Fund Me starts to refund donors money for Donald Trump' border wall after Brian Kolfage redirects funds away from government to his nonprofit. Read
2019-01-04Democrats vote to end government shutdown without funding for Donald Trump's wall.Read
2019-01-03Donald laughs at Indian Prime Minister Modi for funding a Library in Afghanistan.Read
2019-01-03Donald calls on India, Pakistan and Russia to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan.Read
2019-01-02Raul Castro runs down Donald on 60th anniversary of Cuban Revolution.Read
2018-12-20Air Force veteran, Brian Kolfage, starts Go Fund Me Border Wall appeal.Read
2018-12-21House of representatives clears budget for Trump's wall amidst government shutdown fears.Read
2018-12-20Donald decides to withdraw U.S. Troops from Syria, shocking allies.Read
2018-12-12Republicans are considering dumping Donald Trump.Read
2018-12-02Russia had (and still has) some 'leverage' over Donald Trump, during his Presidential campaign.Read
2018-10-30'Donald Trump should not pave the way for a cover-up' says Hatice Cengiz, Jamal Khashoggi News's Fiancée.Read
2018-10-24Pipe Bombs sent to Donald Trump Opponents.Read
2018-10-16Stormy Daniels and her Defamation case against Donald Trump dismissed by Judge.Read
2018-09-22Rod Rosenstein discussed ways to remove President for Incompetence.Read