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Bali Airport Closed : 2017-11-29
Indonesia Shuts Bali's Airport for Third Day Due to Volcanic Ash.
Volcanoes   6Read Story
Bali Airport Closed : 2017-11-28
Mount Agung ash shuts airport for second day.
Volcanoes   6Read Story
Mount Agung Erupts : 2017-11-25
Indonesia's Mount Agung erupts for a second time.
Volcanoes   6Read Story
Mount Agung : Eruption Risk : 2017-11-22
Singaporeans should avoid travelling to Mount Agung amid eruption risk.
Volcanoes   6Read Story
Firework Factory Explodes : 2017-10-27
Indonesia police comb site of deadly fireworks factory explosions.
Fireworks   6Read Story
Jakarta : Traffic Tickets : 2017-10-23
Police to begin ticketing using CCTV.
Jakarta   6Read Story
Football : RIP : Choirul Huda: 2017-10-15
Indonesian goalkeeper Choirul Huda has died after colliding with a team-mate
Football   6Read Story
Hajj : Infections : 2017-09-07
Half of Jambi haj pilgrims suffering respiratory infections.
HajjInfections  6Read Story
SEA Games 2017Read Story
Biodiesel Dumping : 2017-08-24
Indonesia denies biodiesel dumping ( Illegal government subsidies ) allegation in US.
BiodieselSubsidies  Read Story
Dance : Indonesia : 2017-08-12
Record-breaking dance in Indonesia's Aceh promotes unity.
DanceRitualsSumatra Island Read Story
Earthquake : Sumatra : 2017-08-13
Strong 6.4 earthquake hits Indonesia’s Sumatra.
Earthquake   Read Story
Druggies : 2017-07-31
Indonesia drug czar warns methamphetamine seizures tip of iceberg.
Drugs   Read Story
Mudik : 2017-06-19
Google Doodle marks start of ‘mudik’.
GoogleMudik  Read Story
Indonesia's Backward Thinking : 2017-05-22
Indonesian police arrest 141 men over 'gay sex party'.
Gay   Read Story
Bogor Botanical Garden's Birthday: 2017-05-17
Indonesia’s oldest botanical garden to celebrate 200 years.
Bogor Bot' Gar   Read Story
Political Islam: 2017-05-13
Indonesia lacks answers to rise of political Islam.
IslamPolitical Articles  Read Story
Blasphemy, Purnama: 2017-05-09
Jakarta’s governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama found guilty of blasphemy and sentenced to 2 years in prison after a landmark trial in Indonesia.
BlasphemyJakarta  Read Story
Visas: 2017-04-12
Indonesia to remove countries with fewest visits from free-visa list
Travel   Read Story
Business Vs Welfare Of The Planet: 2017-04-12
Indonesia urged to firmly oppose EU palm oil resolution
Palm Oil   Read Story
Oil Contracts: 2017-04-06
Enhanced oil recovery may be mandatory for new contracts
Oil  Read Story 
Meat Imports: 2017-03-24
Indonesia stops meat and chicken imports from Brazil
BrazilChickensMeatRead Story 
Infrastructue: 2017-03-22
Government keeps revising rules to lure infrastructure investment 
Infrastructure  Read Story 
South Solok: 2017-03-14
South Solok nature tourism revival underway
Nature TourismSouth SolokTourismRead Story 
Change Of Direction: 2017-03-13
Indonesia’s war on drugs takes deadly turn as they go after the small dealers too.
CrimeDrugs Read Story 
Trade: 2017-03-03
Pacts worth SR13.5 billion signed during Saudi Arabia and Indonesia business meet
Saudi ArabiaTrade Read Story 
Tax Reforms: 2017-02-24
Indonesia government to reform tax to fight widening inequality
Tax  Read Story 
Banking Secrecy: 2017-02-23
Indonesia drafting rules to end bank secrecy
Banking  Read Story 
Ferry, 2017-01-01 
Ferry blaze off Jakarta kills 23
Fire  Read Story 
Tourism, 2016-12-23 
Tourism Ministry targets 400,000 Muslim tourists from the Middle East
Middle EastTourism Read Story 
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