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2019-05-02Extremism figures Banned on Facebook.Read
2019-05-02Antiques stolen from Iraq and Syria are being sold on Facebook.Read
2019-04-10LUMS sexist Facebook group 'Dankpuna At Lums' with 600 members, exposed.Read
2019-03-26Over 2,600 fake accounts from Iran, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Russia, deleted for "coordinated inauthentic behaviour".Read
2019-03-14Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp restored after longest Outage in history.Read
2019-03-06Facebook is being Sued by woman in Houston who was a victim of Sex Trafficking.Read
2019-02-18UK : MP's demand urgent regulation to control Fake News.Read
2019-01-29Facebook down in popularity with Children in the UK.Read
2019-01-14Twitter working on what could be a set of annoying re-designs to keep Facebook droids happy.Read
2018-12-13In Myanmar, Facebook has been added to a 'Dirty List' of Human Rights and Environment violators.Read
2018-11-06Facebook blocks 115 accounts to reduce interference in USA midterm Elections.Read
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