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22 Reports
Taiwan Earthquake : 2018-02-07Read Story
Residents Rescued from the Yunmen Cuidi tilted building in Taiwan after a 6.4 magnitude Earthquake hit.
Peru : 2018-01-14
Magnitude 7.1 sea tremor topples buildings.
Peru   6Read Story
Iran : Iraq : 2017-11-13
Deadly tremor hits Iran and Iraq region.
IranIraq  6Read Story
New Zealand : 2017-09-20
New Zealand rocked by strong 6.1 magnitude earthquake.
New Zealand   6Read Story
Mexico : 2017-09-19
Over 130 Dead After Powerful Earthquake Rocks Mexico and Collapsing Buildings.
Mexico   6Read Story
Mexico : 2017-09-09
Mexico's strongest quake in 85 years kills at least 61.
Mexico   6Read Story
Mexico : 2017-09-08
Earthquake of magnitude 8.1 strikes off Mexico's Pacific coast.
MexicoPacific Ocean  6Read Story
Ischia Island  : 2017-08-22
Quake kills at least two on Italian holiday island, tourists flee.
Ischia   Read Story
Sumatra : 2017-08-13
Strong 6.4 earthquake hits Indonesia’s Sumatra.
Indonesia   Read Story
Luzon Island : 2017-08-11
Magnitude 6.6 quake hits Philippines' Luzon island and jolts buildings.
Luzon   Read Story
China : 2017-08-09
At least 19 dead, 247 injured as strong earthquake strikes southwest China.
China   Read Story
Kos Island : 2017-07-21
Two killed in 6.7-magnitude quake off Greece and Turkey resorts.
Kos   Read Story
Peru : 2017-07-18
6.4 magnitude earthquake struck just off Peru's southern coast.
    Read Story
Haryana : 2017-06-02
Magnitude 4.7 earthquake strikes Haryana, India.
Haryana   Read Story
Lucky Find, New Zealand : 2017-05-17
New Zealand quake scientists make a surprising find underground.
ElectricityNew Zealand  Read Story
Alaska: 2017-05-08
Three earthquakes have hit Alaska during this weekend alone.
Alaska   Read Story
Philippines: 2017-04-30
Magnitude 7.2 quake rattles Mindanao resulting in 3 injured.
Philippines   Read Story
Chile: 2017-04-15
6.2 magnitude quake rattles northern Chile 
Chile   Read Story
Iran: 2017-04-05
Earthquake measuring 6.1 hits near Mashhad in Iran  
Iran  Read Story 
India: 2017-03-02
Mild earthquake hits Himachal Pradesh
Himachal Pradesh  Read Story 
Philippines, 2017-02-10
6.7 earthquake hits south Philippines, no tsunami warning
Philippines  Read Story 
Italy, 2017-01-18 
Italy rocked by earthquake: Magnitude 5.2 tremor hits centre of country
Italy  Read Story