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2019-07-15The Economy in China grows at the slowest rate since the 1990's.Read
2019-07-05China's Credit Rating has a stable outlook and rated A1.Read
 Hong Kong Protest Updates. 
2019-04-193 Marathon runners banned for life. (That's the way to do it!)Read
2019-04-19Singaporean frigate arrives for the 70th anniversary of the People's Liberation Army.Read
2019-03-22Death Toll in Tianjiyai Chemical Plant Blast in Yancheng, China, now 44, 640 injured.Read
2019-03-14Rotting Food found in Chengdu No 7 Experimental High School in China.Read
2019-03-09China to put Solar Power in orbit by 2050.Read
2019-03-05China ups Defence budget to $177.61 billion.Read
2019-02-11China still accused of locking up hundreds of thousands of Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang without trial.Read
2019-02-06Lunar New Year brings 143 million Railway trips in China.Read
2019-01-29Huawei denies doing anything wrong after USA criminal charges.Read
2019-01-15"Don't sell Submarine tech to Taiwan". China issues a Warning to the world. #SupportTaiwanRead
2019-01-04China and Ethiopia to deepen cooperation.Read
2019-01-03Chang'e-4 lands on the dark side of the Moon for the first time.Read
2018-12-11The first Air Dancing Championships in China have started in Tianjin.Read
2018-12-11Lights on the Yangtze River Bridge switched on ready for reopening after 2 years maintenance.Read
2018-11-30A Hockey team aged 70+ has their first training session on the Songhuajiang River, ChinaRead
2018-11-27Google workers want to pull the plug on the Censored China Search.Read
2018-11-26China starts work on it's third Aircraft Carrier.Read
2011-11-23Attack on Chinese Consulate in Karachi, Pakistan, by Balochistan Liberation Army, leaves 10 dead and 20 wounded.Read
2018-11-14Google net traffic was Suspiciously 'misruted' from Nigeria through China and Russia.Read
2018-11-13China postpones ban on Rhinoceros and Tiger parts.Read
2018-11-12China to expand budget deficit as Trade war continues.Read
2018-11-06China has the largest population of Endangered Species, Przewalski Horses.Read
2018-10-29Gymnastics : UK team comes 5th as China win team title in the World Championships.Read
2018-10-24China is Detaining hundreds of thousands of Uighur Muslims without trial in hidden camps in Xinjiang in an Abuse Of Power.Read
2018-09-23Venezuela : Chinese Peace Ark Hospital ship docks to provide free health care.Read
2018-08-15Philippines: Rodrigo Duterte tells China to temper it's island-building in the South China Sea.Read
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