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Virginia, USA
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Identity Evropa : Project Siege  : 2017-09-11
White supremacist group planning campus recruitment effort.
CollegeWhite Supremacists   6Read Story
Warrant Issued : Christopher Cantwell : 2017-08-22
Warrants issued for white nationalist Cantwell over Charlottesville.
WarrantWhite Supremacists   Read Story
Nicholas Fuentes : 2017-08-19
Student who attended neo-Nazi march forced to leave university after backlash.
UniversityWhite Supremacists   Read Story
CNN Under Fire : 2017-08-17
CNN under fire for linking Barcelona terrorist attack to Charlottesville.
Barcelona AttackCNN  Read Story
Nazi Call To Violence At Funeral : 2017-08-16
The most notorious Nazi website in the world just called for followers to storm funeral of Charlottesville victim.
Comment: Why is this website still online? Name and shame the hosting provider AND take the site down.
Nazi   Read Story
Beating : 2017-08-16
Man beaten by white supremacists says police indifferent to attack.
BeatingsPolice  Read Story
Monuments Down : USA : 2017-08-14
After violence in Charlottesville, cities rush to take down monuments as white supremacists gear up to fight.
MonumentsWhite Supremacists   Read Story
USA : A Warning From The Past : 2017-08-14
This 1947 educational film, viewed millions of times on Facebook, warns against the spread of white nationalism in the US.
RacismWhite Supremacists   Read Story
White Supremists Dropped : 2017-08-14
GoDaddy boots white supremacist web site after offensive post.
Go DaddyWhite Supremacists   Read Story
Call For Justice : 2017-08-13
Charlottesville victim's mother: I want her death to be "a rallying cry for justice".
Justice   Read Story
Racism : USA : Virginia : 2017-08-13
Republicans and Democrats demand President Trump to do more to decry white supremacists.
Racism   Read Story
Terror Attack : 2017-08-13
At least one dead as car ploughs into protesters at white supremacist rally in Virginia.
ProtestTerrorWhite Supremacists  Read Story
White Nationalists : Go Home : 2017-08-12
Attorney General Sessions says federal civil rights investigation in Virginia has full support of the Justice Dept.
Civil RightsInvestigations  Read Story
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