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2019-02-13UK can expect 100,000+ Migrants under new Conservatives post Brexit plans.Read
2019-02-12UK government Sued over post-Brexit no-deal Ferry contracts. (One for a company with no ships.)Read
2019-02-10Theresa May replies to Jeremy Corbyn's Brexit demands.Read
2019-02-11Brexit encourages British companies to Invest in EU Research.Read
2019-02-06Because of Brexit it seems Lithuania will cash-in on Fintech as companies leave the UK.Read
2019-02-04Talks on alternative Backstop arrangements begin.Read
2019-02-011 in 3 Businesses could move out of the UK because of Brexit.Read
2019-01-30The EU will not reopen Brexit talks.Read
2019-01-30"This disaster that we call Brexit has led to me to finding a way to secure my future and my children’s future." People dumping the UK in droves.Read
2019-01-29USA wants to sell it's lower quality products to the UK after Brexit by changing our safety standards in Beef and NHS Drugs.Read
2019-01-29British MP's vote to back Theresa May to renegotiate the Brexit deal with the EU.Read
2019-01-25Goldman Sachs warns of Investment negativity with a bad Brexit.Read
2019-01-16Donald Tusk suggests Britain should cancel Brexit and stay in the EU. (Comment: The people now agree.)Read
2019-01-15The biggest defeat in British history was suffered by the Conservatives on their Brexit deal.Read
2019-01-15Jews in Britain stick with Europe and take on German citizenship because of Brexit.Read
2019-01-09Government defeated for second time and must come up with revised Brexit plan in three days.Read
2019-01-08British MP's block a No Deal Brexit.Read
2018-12-18Brexit incompetence and chaos. Now the UK government really consider a No Deal Brexit.Read
2018-12-15A second Referendum in the UK is now more likely on the Brexit issue after Theresa May gets nowhere on re-negotiations with the EU.Read
2018-12-13Homes take longer to sell as Brits sit tight because of Brexit fears and helps to reduce prices.Read
2018-12-10Theresa May calls off the MP's vote on her Brexit deal.Read
2018-12-06MP's to Economy on 1economy in the Brexit debate.Read
2018-12-05Conservatives forced to releasethe full legal advice on Brexit after being found in contempt.Read
2018-11-27Theresa May begins Tour Of Britain to sell Brexit deal. The public programming has begun.Read
2018-11-15After getting cabinet approval from the cabinet, Theresa May now faces MP's.Read
2018-11-14EU leaders to meet on November 25th to finalise Brexit terms for the UK to leave the Union.Read
2018-11-14Theresa May will try to win cabinet approval for the draft Brexit deal.Read
2018-10-31George Osborne regrets mistakes that lead to Brexit vote. Read
Comment : 'Mistakes' is not the word we would use.
2018-10-30UK sees a stronger Economy for Brexit year 2019 in the Budget.Read
2018-10-24The Queen looks forward to a 'New Partnership' with the European Union after Brexit.Read
2018-10-19UK PM faces backlash on transition period.Read
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