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2019-06-23Jeremy Hunt says preserving the 'union' with Scotland is more important than Brexit.Read
2019-06-01Sajid Javid has no problems with a No Deal Brexit.Read
2019-05-27European Union had it's Elections and it's all change.Read
2019-05-28Brexit loses the City Of London it's position as world's top financial center.Read
2019-05-21Theresa May makes another deal with parliament to break Brexit deadlock.Read
2019-05-20George Cottrell jailed for Money Laundering back raising funds for The Brexit Party.Read
2019-05-12Brexit Party at 31%, Labour at 21% in European Union elections.Read
2019-05-02England And Northern Ireland Local Election Updates. 
2019-04-1214 million British unaware of 6 month rule for Passport renewal because of Brexit. Doh!Read
2019-04-10Britain given another 6 months to get it's act together for Brexit.Read
2019-04-10Brexit expected to postponed AGAIN.Read
 Comment: The EU need to 'grow some balls' and say enough is enough and the incompetent Conservatives need to put it back to the people who now wish to stay in Europe. This is NOT democracy! 
2019-04-08Stan Collymore "Brexit underpins the upsurge in Racist incidents in English Football."Read
2019-04-07Theresa May talks to Labour to move forward in the Brexit conundrum.Read
2019-04-0680 MP's write to Jeremy Corbyn calling for a Brexit peoples' vote guarantee.Read
2019-04-04EU agrees to no Visa waiver for no deal Brexit.Read
2019-04-03Theresa May to meet Jeremy Corbyn over Brexit deadlock.Read
2019-04-01MP's fail again to find alternative options to Brexit deal.Read
2019-03-27Theresa May says she will stand down as Prime Minister if her Brexit deal passes.Read
2019-03-27MP's prepare to vote to break Brexit deadlock.Read
2019-03-25MP's take control of Brexit away from Theresa May.Read
2019-03-255,332,692 have signed the Exit Brexit petition in the UK. 
2019-03-24Philip Hammond says second Referendum on Brexit should be considered.Read
2019-03-23The Brexit dream is dying as 1 million people Protest in London.Read
2019-03-22Cancel Brexit Petition passes 2 million signatures. 2,281,326 and counting.Read
2019-03-22The EU offers a little more time for Brexit.Read
2019-03-21500,000 people sign petition to abandon Brexit but the Conservatives refuse to acknowledge the country has now changed it's mind and wants it stopped.Read
2019-03-21Theresa May in Brussels to ask for a short delay on Brexit.Read
2019-03-15Will the EU agree to an extension of the talks?Read
2019-03-14Will the EU accept a delay to Article 50 which means delaying Brexit?Read
2019-03-13How British MP's rejected a no-deal Brexit.Read
2019-03-12UK Parliament says no to Brexit deal for the second time.Read
2019-03-12MP's vote on the deal today.Read
2019-03-12EU buckles under pressure and removes roadblock in Brexit deal.Read
2019-03-11Conservative MP's urge Theresa May the Brexit vote in final attempt to distort Democracy.Read
2019-03-04Brexit backing towns get a £1.6b Bribe from Theresa May in Undemocratic insult.Read
2019-02-27Jeremy Corbyn says Labour will support a second Referendum on Brexit.Read
2019-02-24Brexit vote for MP's on March 12 with extension request looming.Read
2019-02-13UK can expect 100,000+ Migrants under new Conservatives post Brexit plans.Read
2019-02-12UK government Sued over post-Brexit no-deal Ferry contracts. (One for a company with no ships.)Read
2019-02-10Theresa May replies to Jeremy Corbyn's Brexit demands.Read
2019-02-11Brexit encourages British companies to Invest in EU Research.Read
2019-02-06Because of Brexit it seems Lithuania will cash-in on Fintech as companies leave the UK.Read
2019-02-04Talks on alternative Backstop arrangements begin.Read
2019-02-011 in 3 Businesses could move out of the UK because of Brexit.Read
2019-01-30The EU will not reopen Brexit talks.Read
2019-01-30"This disaster that we call Brexit has led to me to finding a way to secure my future and my children’s future." People dumping the UK in droves.Read
2019-01-29USA wants to sell it's lower quality products to the UK after Brexit by changing our safety standards in Beef and NHS Drugs.Read
2019-01-29British MP's vote to back Theresa May to renegotiate the Brexit deal with the EU.Read
2019-01-25Goldman Sachs warns of Investment negativity with a bad Brexit.Read
2019-01-16Donald Tusk suggests Britain should cancel Brexit and stay in the EU. (Comment: The people now agree.)Read
2019-01-15The biggest defeat in British history was suffered by the Conservatives on their Brexit deal.Read
2019-01-15Jews in Britain stick with Europe and take on German citizenship because of Brexit.Read
2019-01-09Government defeated for second time and must come up with revised Brexit plan in three days.Read
2019-01-08British MP's block a No Deal Brexit.Read
2018-12-18Brexit incompetence and chaos. Now the UK government really consider a No Deal Brexit.Read
2018-12-15A second Referendum in the UK is now more likely on the Brexit issue after Theresa May gets nowhere on re-negotiations with the EU.Read
2018-12-13Homes take longer to sell as Brits sit tight because of Brexit fears and helps to reduce prices.Read
2018-12-10Theresa May calls off the MP's vote on her Brexit deal.Read
2018-12-06MP's to Economy on 1economy in the Brexit debate.Read
2018-12-05Conservatives forced to releasethe full legal advice on Brexit after being found in contempt.Read
2018-11-27Theresa May begins Tour Of Britain to sell Brexit deal. The public programming has begun.Read
2018-11-15After getting cabinet approval from the cabinet, Theresa May now faces MP's.Read
2018-11-14EU leaders to meet on November 25th to finalise Brexit terms for the UK to leave the Union.Read
2018-11-14Theresa May will try to win cabinet approval for the draft Brexit deal.Read
2018-10-31George Osborne regrets mistakes that lead to Brexit vote. Read
Comment : 'Mistakes' is not the word we would use.
2018-10-30UK sees a stronger Economy for Brexit year 2019 in the Budget.Read
2018-10-24The Queen looks forward to a 'New Partnership' with the European Union after Brexit.Read
2018-10-19UK PM faces backlash on transition period.Read
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