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What Are Fundamentals?
Athlete Guidance. What Are Fundamentals?
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 IntroductionFundamentals are the basic procedures used to build and syncronise the body for sport.  
 FoundationsThink of them as the foundations of your body, the physical building blocks, from which all abilities are built upon.  
 Getting It RightWhen you get them right your body can perform to it's uppermost limit without over-heating, damaging itself, or running out of energy.  
 Getting It WrongWhen you get it wrong your performance is not as good as it could be.  
  You can also get more injuries especially the type that hit you 'out of the blue' with no warning. There is always a reason why a body part fails and seeing it has a problem before it does will save you a lot of downtime and stress.  
 Your BodyYour body is constantly changing and ageing which happens on a daily basis.  
 TestingTo monitor these changes and to keep your training program relevant for you, you should test your body regularly.  
  This is best done on a weekly basis using fundamental drop level exercises.  
  You write down all the stats like reps, speed, or time, and keep them in a database.  
  Sounds complex but it isn't. Athletes will do this on a Sunday or the weekly day off.  
  Week-by-week you see a clearer picture of what you body can do, what it has trouble doing, and what it can't do.  
 Adding SkillsA stable body makes it a lot easier to 'tweak' your training program again to add extra skills and abilities you want for competition.  
 ResultsWhen 'tweaking' on a Monday, the results will usually be visible in testing by the Sunday.  
 RushingIt can take up to a month for a new ability to be fully developed and 'installed' and if you rush it or do too many new procedures at one time you will lose some development momentum and find it very difficult to keep track of improvements or to trace when something is not working the way you planned it to.  
 TargetsIt is good to have targets that you want to reach with your performance.  
  By using a 'fundamental' approach you are likely to achieve more, in less time, with less work.  
 AthletesFrom Beginners to the Elites, everything works at it's best when the fundamentals are 100%.  
  This is the area I focus on with Athlete Support because surprisingly very few coaches and clubs actually personalise routines at this level to make full advantage of your unique physical abilities.  
 PersonalisationPersonalisation of fundamentals for your body saves time in training and you can perform at your best in competitions avoiding most of the problems you see other athletes get like brick walls and downtime from injury.  
 Pear-ShapedWhen things go badly wrong you develop repetative injuries which eventually always lead to early retirement and you just don't achieve as much as you hoped you would in your sport.  
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