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Long Stays
Long Stays At Athlete Support to work on solutions fast and efficiently.
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 IntroductionLong stays are unique to Athlete Support.  
  Long stays give you time to discuss and/or work on issues in depth for up to 16 hours a day without organising multiple visits.  
  Long stays are the territory of full-time professional and elite athletes.  
  For amateur athletes  the cost of such sessions means it is unaffordable, however if you can convince me of your potential and the need for this kind of session I will see what can be organised for you.  
  The list underneath are examples only for guidance.  
 Short StaysExamplesInfo 
 1 DayTo-The-Limit workouts for Small-Step Physical Development.  
 2 DaysMultiple Trigger Sessions for Small-Step Muscle Build.  
 3 DaysMultiple Booster Sessions to encourace Endurance Development.  
 4 DaysPushing the envelope for advance physical conditioning.  
 5 DaysOne-Size-Fits-All approach for Fast-Track Ability Development.  
 Long Stays   
 7 DaysFocus on light training after downtime.  
 14 DaysFast-Track building.  
 21 DaysFast-Track reducing downtime.  
 28 DaysThe full-cycle from conception to full build for most new muscle tissue.  
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