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Concerns On Discussing
At Your Club
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Sometimes you may prefer not to discuss a subject with a member of your team at your club.
  This is usually from a concern about 'Consequences' Definition of 'Consequences'. such as...
  1: Not Being Developed Further.
2: Not Being Picked For Competition.
3: Being Benched
4: Being Sidelined
5: Being Transferred.
6: Being Sent 'Out-On-Loan'.
7: Being Dropped.
Options Top
  Choose who to talk to carefully. What to consider when choosing who to talk to.
You can discuss with me in 'Private' Privacy at ASN. at ASN.
  Many sportsmen take advantage of this 'Option', especially 'Locals' Are you Local to ASN? to be, as they say, 'On The Safe Side'.
Tips Top
  Tip: On some subjects it can be wise not to talk to your club unless or until you have to and then you should not delay doing so.
  Tip: Always remember sport is a business and business decisions can be harsh.
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