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Knowledgeable Advice
Definition For Sportsmen
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The definition of 'Knowledgeable Advice' means someone who has a background knowledge or experience of the subject you wish to discuss.
General Top
  1: An 'Advisor' is someone who works in the field.
  2: A 'Consultant' has knowledge of the field and a wider range of subjects connected to it and can offer 'Guidance' with 'Options'.
  3: A 'Specialist' focuses in one area of the subject.
Example Top
1: A Doctor can give general 'Health' advice.
  2: A 'Consultant' can give 'Guidance' with 'Options'.
  3: A Surgeon can give 'Specialist' advice on a 'Procedure'.
Tip Top
  Tip: What to think about before deciding who to talk to. What to think about when deciding who to talk to.
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