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Good Care Practice
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The definition of 'Good Care Practice' or GCP, for sportsmen is a written or unwritten 'Code Of Practice' that all 'Professionals' abide by.
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"The practitioner (or advisor, lawyer etc.) should keep a confidence between themselves and the patient (or client), as part of the Good Care Practice."
Be Aware Top
  You should also 'Be Aware' that there is sometimes an exception to this and sportsmen should keep this in mind when choosing who to talk to. Questions to ask yourself when choosing an advisor or consultant.
  The 'Exception' is "Other than for those who need to know."
Tips Top
  Tip: Often sportsmen tell me this is a concern. For example, would your club 'Need To Know'?
  Tip: The above 'Exception' does not apply when talking to me at ASN. Your privacy at ASN.
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