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  This page covers 'Advice', 'Consults', 'Consultations', 'Guidance', 'Learning' and 'Problem Solving'.
For sportsmen the definition of a 'Consultation' is a conversation between two people to get in-depth 'Specialist' advice and knowledge, to learn 'How To', or to discover your 'Best Options' when planning a course of action.
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Consultations known as 'Consults' are usually between you an an 'Advisor' or 'Specialist' in the field of the subject you are discussing.
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  'Consultations' should always be 'Private And Confidential'. Definition of 'Private And Confidential'.
  Sometimes you need to consider very carefully who you talk to. Questions to ask yourself before choosing an advisor.
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  Tip: The physical presence of a 'Face-To-Face' is the most efficient 'Consultation' producing better results than a phone call or online consultation.
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