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The definition of 'Consequences' means that one action triggers one or more unintended actions.
Immediate Top
An example of an immediate 'Consequence' of touching a live wire is you get an electric shock.
Delayed Top
  An example of a delayed 'Consequence' is ignoring the warning light in your car which then breaks down the following day.
Unforeseen Top
  'Unforeseen Consequences' are the most important where you do or say something that can lead to a host of other things happening now or in the future that did not occur to you at the time which can be very negative and/or costly.
Examples Top
  Examples on 'Consequences'. Examples Of Consequences.
Tip Top
  Tip: Most 'Unforeseen Consequences' are foreseeable if you think about what you do before you do it.
  Tip: 'Consequences' demonstrate the benefits from not acting on impulse and having an older, wiser, 'Mentor' who can guide you.
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