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Definition For Sportsmen
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For sportsmen the obvious definition of 'Bias' means to favour one athlete over another by giving more 'Opportunities', better 'Guidance', better 'Training', better 'Decisions' or even to 'Sabotage' Definition of Sabotage in relation to male athletes in sport. one simply because of a personal preference.
  Frequently there is a financial benefit to someone responsible for the bias.
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'In Theory' this should not happen but 'In Practice' is does in all sports and at all levels.
Suspicion Top
  If you suspect bias is effecting you it would be wise to seek advice on the 'Options' you have to get around it.
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  Tip: I have conversations with sportsmen regarding 'Bias' on a fairly regular basis and I would always recommend you take 'Time Out' and go through your concerns with a totally independent person to discover if it is your imagination or if there could be something going on.
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