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When you have questions you need a 'QnA' or 'Q&A' and the definition of that simply means 'Questions And Answers'.
  It is how you find out or learn about something.
  A 'Consultation' is a word commonly used by 'Advisors' and 'Specialists' for a 'QnA' between two people.
  From 'Students' in a 'Classroom' to 'Patients' in a 'Doctors' Surgery,
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Some QnA's need to be 'Private And Confidential' .
  Sometimes you need to consider carefully who you talk to.
  But always the direct 'Face-To-Face' 'QnA' is the most efficient way to learn, get questions answered, or to discover 'Options' when dealing with a 'Problem'.
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  A 'QnA' at Athlete Support.