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What Can You Do
with the ASN Newsfeed.
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What can you do with the @ASNLondon Newsfeed?
1: Broadcast your own news.
2: Promote your own feed, blogs, video's, streams and website.
1: Promote upcoming competitions.
2: Broadcast your competition results
3: Give comments or analysis on the event.
  The Personal Approach:
1: Talk to your supporters.
2: Give updates on training, targets, and anything interesting you have been doing.
1: Give updates during injury.
2: How 'Rehab' is progressing.
3: How re-training is going.
4: When you will be back.
  Have Your Say:
Give your comments and opinions.
  Name Drop:
When 'Name Dropping' use their Twitter @Names for a bigger audience.
  Fan Base:
If you run a 'Fan Club' give news updates including 'How To Join' to attract new subscribers.
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