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  @ASNAthlete and @ASNLondon updates for 2022.
@ASNAthlete Top
  The newsfeed will start to broadcast some of the @ASNAthlete 'Advice' tweets.
Shoutouts Top
  The Athlete 'Shoutouts' will switch from the athlete feed to the newsfeed as that is where more of 'The Public' now sees them.
One To Watch Top
  The #OneToWatch tag has been updated to #ASNOneToWatch by request of the 'Industry' to keep it 'Unique' and make it easier to spot #NextGen 'Talent'.
The Feeds Top
  @ASNLondon is where all your news and promotions will now be broadcast.
  @ASNAthlete will now focus solely on the support side of life for the sportsmen using the service.
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