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ASN is based in London, England and the website is international !
  The website is written in 'English' being the international language.
  For most sportsmen around the world 'English' is not their native language.
Browser Top
If you are using a 'Browser' like 'Google Chrome', if you right click on a blank part of a page a menu appears which includes 'Translate To *****'.
  The '*****' will be whatever language your device is set to. For example: 'Translate To French'.
  If that does not work on your device you can 'Copy' a selection of text and 'Paste' it into 'Google Translate'.
Visits Top
  In the past when an athlete visits who does not speak 'English' I got around this by using a 'Dictionary' or 'Interpreters'.
  Today we have 'Instant Translation' programs so if your 'English' is not good it is not a problem and communication between two people speaking different languages is easy.
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